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Me and a Random Uber Driver

What's the significance of this picture of me and a random Uber driver from last week? Around this time last year I found myself on a bus headed from Guatemala City to well...I wasn't exactly sure, but my goal was to make it Honduras in enough time to explore and make a flight back to LA from San Pedro Sula. As my bus traversed the rain soaked roads towards destinations unknown I nodded off and realized I missed the stop that would've connected me to another bus going to Honduras. I got off at the next stop and found myself standing in the rain in a little town named Puerto Barrios. It was then that I recalled my friend Amy was from Guatemala and might be able to lend me some insight so I sent a FB msg. Unbeknownst to me here I was standing in the town her family is from. Not only did Amy plug me with her family in Puerto Barrios, they picked me up, showed me around, took me to a quinceanera, a Garifuna celebration, drove me to Honduras and more. Fast forward to last week and as I sat in the backseat of an Uber here in LA, me and the driver began small talk, which led to us speaking Spanish and me asking him where he was from. Low and behold he was from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and from there you couldn't shut either of us up about the great little town he's from and how cool it was that I've been to his town. #tbt #reasonswhyItravel

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