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Buying Tickets in Foreign Currency

Hey do you want to travel the world and not spend gobs of money on expensive plane tickets?

Well then you’re going to want to read this! Currency valuations fluctuate daily and some countries have stronger currencies than others, some weaker and you can use that to your advantage when buying a plane ticket for international destinations. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s true and I’m going to show you how to do it.

In most cases when you buy a plane ticket to an international destination the price is quoted in USD when purchasing from a site while in the US. However when purchasing from an international site prices are often quoted in the currency of that country. For example, if you buy a ticket on Norwegian Air from Oslo to NYC there’s a great chance that the price quoted in Kroner will be less the price quoted in USD!

A few airlines websites may want to know from which country you’re searching from and will adjust the price accordingly. Getting around that can be as easy as choosing a country from the list of options on the site or going full on techy (not really) and using a VPN which will allow you to choose the location of where your IP address originates from. Once you do this the site will believe you’re in the country that you stated and may change languages. With Google Translate and an assortment of other translator programs there shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you choose a flight and take a look at the price that the site has quoted in the domestic currency of the place of origin you’re going to want to use a foreign currency exchange program or app to figure out how much money you’re saving. It can be as little a few bucks or as much as hundreds of dollars, as has been the case in some instances, but whatever it is you’re saving something and it’s worth giving it a try.

For more travel related information, feel free to check out my blog at or follow me on IG @brettcsroberts.

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